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Find & collect

Search through tens of thousands of curated images and organize your inspiration into collections. Drag and drop your own images in for true customization.

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Create a board

Collage and edit your photos with the ultimate custom board maker. With all the features you need, you have full control of the style of your board.

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Share instantly

Share your creations with your team, colleagues, and friends and family easily. You can push your design to Facebook or download multiple formats.



Grid system

Our new grid allows for full flexibility in designing your layouts. Drag, drop, and resize modules based on the smart grid system.

Effects & filters

Stylize, edit, and manipulate your images and color blocks effortlessly. Apply filters, edit colors and add overlays. Completely transform your board with just a few clicks.

Great typography

The new type feature allows for you to put the finishing touches on your boards. Find a variety of fonts to choose from and have the ability to manipulate the type.




Search using multiple keywords and narrow your results further by choosing from inspiration, collections, boards, or even users.

Color swatches

New color swatch search feature! Choose from over 100 color swatches, you can even select multiple colors for your search.



Find & collect easily

Organize your inspiration into an endless number of collections. Keep track of all of your inspiration in one place.

Everything else

View, like, and comment on other users collections and boards. Refine your selection even further by creating a mood board from your curated collections.

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